Safety instructions day trips

Riding a draisine should be fun. Therefore, please observe the following instructions:

  • Any instructions given by the staff have to be followed!
  • Children aged less than 16 years have to be accompanied by an adult throughout the trip!
  • At intersections the road traffic regulations apply! Therefore, you have to take special care. Even though you follow a distinct traffic route on the tracks, road traffic regulations apply. Basically, the road traffic has priority. This also applies for dirt, country, forest and agricultural road intersections.
  • Obey stop signs! At intersections with a high traffic density, you have to obey stop signs. After stopping, you may continue your trip as long as no vehicle approaches the intersection.
  • Traffic light regulations. At dangerous intersections traffic lights are installed. They are activated automatically by your draisine 30 meters before you reach the intersection. You may continue as soon as you see the green signal. Cross the intersection area quickly and do not stop as you only have limited time before the intersecting traffic continues. In case of failure of the traffic light wait at the stop sign until no vehicle approaches the intersection. Then cross the intersection area quickly.

The traffic light at Bruchstraße (Sägewerk HolzBröker) in Extertal Bösingfeld does not switch automatically. Approximately 6 meters before the intersection barriers are fitted.

The barrier must be raised by one person opening the following track for the draisine. Only a maximum of 3 draisines are allowed in the area after the barrier before the intersection. Ride the draisine carefully past the barrier. The person who has raised the barrier before, now has to push the switch at the traffic light for approximately 6 seconds.

As soon as the green light can be seen, the draisines may cross the intersections while carefully observing the crossing traffic.

The person who has operated the traffic light, now opens the barrier on the other side of the intersection, allowing the draisines to continue.

  • Do not drink and drive! This does not only apply for driving your car – persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to be the driver of the draisine. The alcohol limits of the road traffic regulations apply.
  • The person sitting in the front at the left side is considered to be the driver of the draisine. Both persons sitting in the front are able to pedal and operate the brake independently of each other. In a dangerous situation the driver on the left has to give loud and clear instructions (e.g. “STOP”) to ensure an appropriate reaction.
  • Please coordinate with other draisine groups regarding the speed. If you get on slower than others, let them overtake you at the next stop point. If you get on faster than others, ask them friendly to hold at the next stop point in order for you to overtake them. Overtaking is only allowed at stop points.
  • Keep calm! Please do not race each other with the draisines or provoke collisions on the track. This does not only endanger you as the draisine driver and your passengers, but will also cost you money. We reserve our right to charge you as the tenant with any costs arising from damages at the draisines caused by you deliberately.
  • Please do not alter any switch points! Throughout your tour you will pass railway stations at Alverdissen, Bösingfeld, Krankenhagen and Rinteln. Leave the switch points as they were set by our employees in the morning. Unauthorized working on switch points will not only annoy the following draisines but might also result in serious injuries. Pass switch points with slow speed (walking pace).
  • Riding a draisine lets you experience nature. It should stay that way. Please leave no rubbish at the stop points or on the tracks. This should be self-evident.
  • At resting places or other stop points, the draisine has to be fastened with the provided chain to prevent it being stolen by third parties. We reserve ourselves the right to charge you with the costs arising from replacing a draisine stolen by a third party due to your carelessness.
  • Protect yourself from the sun! During your tour through Extertal you are mostly exposed directly to the sun. Please protect yourself wearing headgear!
  • Use the safety belts on the bench at all times! Throughout the trip everyone must remain seated. Changing the driver or changing the seats on the bench is only allowed while the draisine is stopped. During the ride all passengers on the bench must close the safety belts.
  • Use a suitable child’s safety seat for your children! Your child’s safety car seat will be mounted with straps to the bench before the beginning of the journey.
  • Do not move the draisine outside of the rails! This would considerably damage the plastic wheel flanges.
  • Schedule your trip well! On the way to Alverdissen the railway track rises slowly and steadily. However, the way back to Rinteln may be completed very comfortably and fast. Please consider this when planning the trip.
  • Change of direction! To avoid collisions of the draisines, a change of direction at 2 pm is compulsory for all drivers, no matter on what part of the track the draisine is. The direction of traffic until 2 pm is going to Bösingfeld, starting at 2 pm the direction is going to Rinteln.
  • Liability. The vbe is liable within the scale of the legal warranty to assure that the draisine and the track is in good condition without faults. Nevertheless, the strict liability according to § 538 BGB is fully excluded. Furthermore, there is no liability for any customer’s belongings which have been lost during the trip. The customer is liable for the loss or damage of the draisine or parts of it, as well as for the loss or damage of any draisine equipment. The customer is also liable for any damages caused by a third party or damages resulting from an accident, as long as the responsible person cannot be determined.

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